Residential Tenancies Act


The Residential Act is changing as of 1 July 2016, Do you know what we can do for you?


The Bill that the government introduced into Parliament last year to amend the Residential Tenancies Act in rental standards and tenancy is coming into affect this year.

We can help take all the hard work out of this process with great quality products and the highest quality workmanship, Pilkington Insulation is your best option to do the job. Clients constantly come back to us with joyful testimonies of the tidy and efficient work we do in their properties and homes.

Every installation we do can involve testing the smoke alarms to make sure they are compliant, then we can provide to the landlord a certificate of compliance for both smoke detectors and the insulation, including what insulation is in the walls. As required in the RTA.

The average cost of retrofitting both ceiling and floor insulation is approximately $3,300 (excluding GST).

As an indication of the cost, here is our average cost per square meter assuming there is no ceiling or floor insulation.
Ceilings: $14/sq m for R3 ($10/sq m for R2 as a ‘top up’ over settled existing insulation.)
Under floor Insulation: R1.5  Warmafloor polyester blanket. $18.50/sq m

These prices are still negotiable, pending volume and developing a system to streamline the process.

Always happy to talk. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for details.

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You will find our installations and products of good quality with a 15 year warrantee on everything we do.

Lets work through this process together.

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