Rental Assessments

Rental Assessments Here at Pilkington Insulation, we pride ourselves on our competitively priced, yet quality insulation installs, and equally import is our very transparent assessments of insulation in rental property.

I say transparent, because we provide you (the Landlord or Property Manager with a digital file report on the existing state of the insulation not only in script, but also photos.

Photo 1: is of the house from the outside.

Photo 2: is within the attic ceiling showing the existing insulation, or lack of.

Photo 3: is under the house showing the sub floor insulation, or lack of.

The file describes the state of the existing insulation, issues the installers may encounter, whether the walls are insulated or not, what is required to bring the insulation up to the minimum RTA standards for ceiling and underfloor, including a quote, plus the photos. We also use the photos in reference for our own use for installation purposes.

If or when the insulation meets the RTA requirements from our assessment and our upgrade (if required), we then issue you a Certificate of Compliance for that property, so your rental is then fully certified.

All this assessment, evaluation, and compliance certification does come at a small cost, so please enquire of the current fee, which is reimbursed upon agreement of the work to reinsulate. All our work comes with a 15 year warrantee.

Be sure when deciding on who is to do your rental assessments and insulation. Even rental properties need good insulation that is effectively installed. I’m afraid to say that with the demand from the RTA regulations plus the limited time frame (by July 2019) it is likely that companies tend to employ poorly trained workers for both the assessments and installs. We belong to the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ), so have strict guide lines to follow.

To request a rental assessment (or multiples of) we need your own full name and address, as well as the rental property address and tenant’s name and contact details, so we can arrange a time with the tenant to gain access for the assessment. Click here to lodge your request.

Click here to lodge your request.

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