CosyWall Insulation

What is CosyWall Insulation and why it's the right wall insulation choice for your home?

CosyWall Retrofit Wall Insulation

What is CosyWall Retrofit Wall Insulation?

CosyWall is a special dry fibre glass wool insulation. It's manufactured as a high-performance wall insulation product that's easily retrofitted into older New Zealand homes.

CosyWall is only available authorised installers like Pilkington Insulation. It's installed through the interior or exterior walls of the home. Once installed, the holes are repaired and painted over so you'll never know the job was done.

CosyWall has been installed in New Zealand homes for more than 20 years. It's a proven wall insulation product installed in thousands of Kiwi family homes. Wall insulation completes a home's thermal barrier, keeping it warm and dry all year round.

What types of walls can we insulate?

Wall Insulation can be installed either from the interior or exterior of your home.

Wall Insulation for Brick Homes


Wall insulation is designed to be installed into homes with brick walls.

Insulation installed into weatherboard homes

Weatherboard Walls

Wall insulation can easily be installed into weatherboard walls.

Insulation installed into internal walls


Wall insulation can be installed into your home's internal walls.

How is CosyWall Insulation Installed?


Wall insulation is designed to be installed through the external cladding of your home. It can easily be installed through Brick, Weatherboard, and many other types of claddings. This video shows how Wall Insulation is installed through your external walls.


Wall insulation can also be installed from the inside of your home through the internal walls. This is usually done when the home is being renovated. The process usually only takes a day or two. This video shows the installation of wall insulation from the inside.

Ready to have Wall Insulation installed?

The team at Pilkington Insulation would love to talk about installing wall insulation into your home. Send us a message or give us a call for an obligation-free assessment!

We can't wait to show you what a difference CosyWall can make to your home!

Example of Wall Insulation Material

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