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Introducing Warmafloor Insulation

Warmafloor insulation is a polyester fibre underfloor insulation blanket manufactured specifically for placing between floor joists, against the underside of the floor. This floor insulation blanket has superior strength in both directions compared to some other typical polyester floor insulation blankets or batting.

The home insulation rolls are uniquely sized to facilitate handling in confined sub-floor spaces and can be torn readily to suit joist length providing great installed insulation R-values.

Uninsulated floors have a thermal resistance of R0.6, which can be improved to R1.6 or R1.8 with a Warmafloor insulation blanket system correctly fixed against the floor, between the floor joists (in most buildings with a continuous sub-floor perimeter wall). It also reduces floor draughts through flooring gaps between uncovered timber polished floors. Warmafloor underfloor insulation blanket is unaffected by humidity or water. Even if it is wetted, its thermal insulation resistance will be completely restored, when dried.

Warmafloor floor insulation does not represent a health risk to installers or occupiers of insulated buildings and does not promote corrosion on metal building components.

Why Insulate Your Floors?

Quite simply floor insulation works to keep the outside temperature out and the inside temperature in! Think of it like a chilly bin or vaccuum flask, if you put hot food in it stays warm and if you put cold food in it stays cold.

Poorly insulated homes are usually cold and damp in bed and service rooms, with occupants crowded over a heater in one area to keep warm. Homes insulated with the full proven systems use similar amounts of energy to keep your whole home at a healthy, comfortable temperature. And there’s no more waking up to a cold floor. The Warmafloor insulation system is a great investment for your home.

Ultra High Energy Savings

more than 50 years Durability

Makes your house more comfortable

Codemark Certified Product

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of floor insulation is best?

There are two significant types of floor insulation – foil with an adjacent air cavity and bulk insulation such as blanket or polystyrene insulation.

Warmafloor insulation is the blanket type insulation. Floor blanket insulation does not have the gaps and installation difficulties associated with some polystyrene insulation. Nor does it have a vented cavity often seen with foil (which can virtually negate any insulation R-value).

What is Jet Stream MAX made from?

Jet Stream MAX is a non combustible unbonded glasswool insulation used in attics, ceilings or roofs for thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. It is particularly effective spray insulation for insulating tight roof cavities, or insulating hard to reach attic spaces.

Jet Stream MAX insulation is extremely durable and has a life expectancy of over 50 years!

How do I know the product is any good?
We are pleased to announce Jet Stream® MAX has received CodeMark certification. CodeMark certification will ensure that we continue to provide our customers and territorial authorities with further confidence in the quality and compliance of this insulation system.

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