sustainable home

Turn your home into a sustainable home.

It seems global warming is on everyone’s minds these days. We’re launching reusable rockets into space, all our vehicles are becoming electric powered and governments around the world are invested in developing renewable energy sources. New Zealanders are slowly moving away from traditional energy sources such as gas and coal and moving more to sustainable and renewable ones such as solar. Over the next decade most of us will change to electric vehicles and many of our household tools...

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Living in a cold house

How do I fix my cold house? The solution is probably insulation.

You know winter is just around the corner when you start piling on extra layers. While you’re doing that you might find yourself asking, “Why am I living in such a cold house?”. There are a number of factors that could influence this however, the most likely cause is poor insulation. We’ve been insulating homes for many years and we’re sorry to say older New Zealand homes are generally poorly insulated. For most of our customers, we find there’s poor insulation in the roof, and it...

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Dampness In The Home

What causes dampness in the home and what can you do about it?

Is your home always damp or wet in the mornings? You’re not alone, in fact, many older New Zealand homes suffer from this exact issue. Homes that were built 20-30 years ago didn’t have the same insulation standards that exist in today’s building code. Additionally, homes weren’t required to be properly ventilated and the construction approach meant that gaps could show up in the structure of the building which allowed airflow in and out of the house. All this adds up to a cold and...

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Insulating Your Walls

Insulating your walls is one of the best investments you can make for your home

Are you considering insulating your walls? In New Zealand, many of our homes are over 25 years old and were built at a time where insulation standards were fairly relaxed. For most of us, this means that there will probably be a little bit of insulation in the roof but little to nothing in the walls. Uninsulated walls create a problem for many houses as it leaves a break in your thermal barrier through which heat can escape. Uninsulated walls can account for as much as 1/3 of your...

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