How to keep my family healthy

It’s been a year of trying to keep your family healthy and protected from COVID-19. Now they we’re in another lockdown the conversation about family healthy and how to stay well might be coming up! In this article, we cover a few ways you can keep a healthy home and give yourself the best defence against those viruses! Good insulation and an efficient heating system can go a long way in keeping your home warm and dry and your family healthy. Insulate to keep your...

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What is a carbon footprint and why is it important?

You may have heard the term carbon footprint before but you may not be entirely sure what it means or how it applies to you. Simply, a carbon footprint is a measurement of how much extra carbon dioxide you are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere. If you think back to a time before cars, planes and fast food, humans lived a much simpler life. A typical family lived in a house built of wood, cooked using firewood and farmed their food. These people contributed little to no...

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The Basics of Thermal Insulation – Discover why this is such an important part of your home!

Thermal Insulation is an important part of every house and helps keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To understand how thermal insulation actually works however we need to take a few steps back and take a look at some of the science around heat transfer. What is heat transfer and how does it work? The first thing to know about heat transfer is that heat will always try and move from the warmest areas to the coolest ones, seeking a balance. In the home, the...

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Poor Insulation in New Zealand Homes

Poor Insulation is a common issue in New Zealand homes but thankfully there’s an answer

There are a few obvious signs that your home might have poor insulation. If your home was insulated years ago and isn’t up to current standards, you may be noticing the signs of a poorly insulated home. It can result in uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions and should be treated as soon a possible to reduce its harmful effects. Five signs that your house has poor insulation 1. HIGH ENERGY BILLS Have your energy bills increased over the years? This may be due to poor...

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