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Our top home renovation ideas to increase your homes resale value

So you’ve made a decision to renovate your home and you’re looking for some home renovation ideas. One of the questions you should be asking is – What renovations will add the most resale value? In this answer we help answer that question by providing our top 5 home renovation ideas that will add great value to your home. Let’s get started.

When it comes to home renovation ideas, you should absolutely start with the bathroom.

Having a quality bathroom is one of the top consideration’s buyers have when looking to purchase a house. A bathroom makeover can turn a small pokey space into a beautiful and functional room. Updating to modern tiles and replacing the fixtures and fittings can help transform the bathroom into one of elegance and class. Investing a little into a few smart choices can quickly add tens of thousands to the value of your home.

Bathroom Renovations

Remodel the kitchen to turn it into the heart of the home.

In many older New Zealand homes, the kitchen design and location was often an afterthought. The kitchen was often separated from the main living with limited workspaces and storage areas. Today, the kitchen has become the heart of so many homes and buyers look for large, sprawling kitchens connected with open plan living areas.

Remodeling your kitchen has so many benefits. A great, functional kitchen design will often lead to cooking more meals at home and helps create a central hub for family and friends to enjoy lots of laughter and deep conversations.

Not only does a modern help with the resale value of your home, but it will likely also attract more interest that will help sell your home quicker.

Think about creating multi-use spaces.

The next in our list of home renovation ideas is the creation of multi-use spaces. The garage is a perfect example of a room that can be turned into a multi-use space. Many families no longer park their cars in the garage, instead using the space as a rumpus or guest room.

If you want to turn your garage into an extra bedroom or living room, or perhaps a work from home space, renovating the garage can increase the value of your property so it warrants spending a little more to make the space liveable.

Garage Renovations

Don’t forget to add solar panels to your list of home renovation ideas.

With an increased demand on New Zealand’s energy, the power bills are likely to continue to increase over the coming years. Adding solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity which will be great to charge your new EV!

The upfront cost of installing solar panels will rapidly pay for itself over time and is a great long term investment for your property that will also help with its resale value.

Insulating your home – Probably one of the easiest ways to improve  your home’s resale value.

Many older New Zealand homes have poor insulation standards which makes it cold and difficult to heat at the best of times. Houses that have poor insulation can also lead to a number of health issues or other structural problems with your home due to dampness and mould.

It’s worth topping up your old insulation and adding wall insulation as part of your renovations. Not only will this make your home easier to heat and cool, but it will also help make your home more energy efficient which is great for saving on the power bills!

If you’d like to know more about home insulation and why to insulate, or would like to arrange a free assessment you can contact us here. We’d be happy to have a chat about your specific home and see how we can help improve its insulation.

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