Insulating Your Walls

Insulating your walls is one of the best investments you can make for your home

Are you considering insulating your walls? In New Zealand, many of our homes are over 25 years old and were built at a time where insulation standards were fairly relaxed. For most of us, this means that there will probably be a little bit of insulation in the roof but little to nothing in the walls.

Uninsulated walls create a problem for many houses as it leaves a break in your thermal barrier through which heat can escape. Uninsulated walls can account for as much as 1/3 of your home’s heat loss during winter and cause other issues such as mold, condensation, and drafts inside the home.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider insulating your walls.

Insulated Walls helps make heating and cooling more efficient

Good Insulation stops heat from flowing into and out of your home and helps make your home more energy-efficient. It provides a thermal barrier that acts to keep both heat and air conditioning inside the home, meaning it will heat up faster in the winter and cool down quicker in the summer.

A well-insulated home could save you as much as 40% off your home’s heating and cooling bills. As you’ll be using less energy in heating and cooling, you’ll also be helping the environment out by lowering your carbon footprint!

If you’re interested in understanding more about home heat loss and gains during summer and winter have a look at our article which explains all about this here.

Insulating can help reduce noise transfer in your home

We’ve all experienced those noisy neighbours who like to throw parties in the small hours of the morning, or the dog outside that just won’t stop barking.

Wall Insulation is not only great at providing thermal benefits, but it’s also an effective tool at reducing noise transfer between walls. By insulating your walls, you’re reducing sound transmission and will experience a noticeable change in the acoustics of your home.

Insulation can help keep your family healthy

Uninsulated homes often experience moisture issues and dampness inside the home. This can lead to mold growth, damp or wet floors, and condensation build-up. You may also find that your home is particularly difficult to heat up in the winter!

All these symptoms can lead to health and respiratory issues for you and your family. A fully insulated home is a great tool for controlling moisture in the home and will help keep your family warm and healthy all year round.

Insulating your walls is a great long-term investment.

Installing Wall Insulation from Inside

Insulating your walls is a great investment with long-term benefits. If you’re renting, this is something you should discuss with your landlord as soon as possible.

There are great wall insulation systems now available which makes for a hassle-free installation without the need to remove the linings from your walls.

For a free home assessment, contact the team at Pilkington Insulation. We can discuss your specific requirements and provide options on the best insulation products for your home!

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