There are many different types of insulation, some more effective than others. Getting wall insulation installed is one of the most effective ways of reducing heat loss in your home. In winter heat escapes through the roof and in summer heat seeps in through the roof. Ceiling insulation is a great place to start making your home warm, comfortable and healthy to live in. Installing floor insulation can cut down on your energy costs and contribute to the longevity of a home. Insulation in flooring can make a big difference to your living environment especially in extreme weather conditions.


The benefits of insulating your home are numerous, from adding to your comfort to saving you thousands on your power bill. Insulating not only creates a healthier home environment short term, it also has long term benefits such as reduced dampness and mould inside your home. Adding insulation to your home is a great way to increase the comfort of your living environment.
Warm house in the winter without the massive power bill, cool house in the summer and all leaving the earth in a better state than before!


It is a little bit like a flask which keeps drinks hot or cold by providing an insulating layer between the drink and the outside air.
Air is a poor conductor of heat, so the tiny pockets of air gets trapped in the insulation which minimises the amount of heat which can pass between the inside and outside of your house. Not only does it make your home warmer in winter, it also helps keep it cooler in summer. This means that in winter, the heat stays inside a home and in the summer it stays outside!



Client testimonial – Suzan and Mark

  For Suzan and Markus, we insulated all their exterior walls from the inside as well as a ceiling panel in the bathroom and ensuit, which were not accessible apart from drilling holes through the ceiling.

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Client testimonial – hear from Graham

For Graham and Maureen, we insulated all the exterior walls from the inside via the plaster board, and topped up the ceiling with Qmulus insulation in several areas Graham could not reach him self.

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Lined poly panel insulation

Ee and Sarah bought their house in the spring and realised that on the odd chilly spring night the house was cold, then as summer came around, they had a problem with the house getting too hot. The problem they had was the skillion roof had insufficient cavity to insulate, and there was no wall

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We have just had the walls and parts of the ceiling done. We noticed the difference in warmth and sound deadening straight away. The team did a fantastic job and left the house looking exactly as it was before they arrived. We also received great advice on the downlights to further trap the heat in the house and I have just replaced the old ones with new sealed LED units.

Brian Pilkington

( Client )

We have noticed a difference in the warmth inside the house. We only have a single oil heater which now heats the lounge, dining and kitchen area nicely.

Ari, Beach Haven

( Client )

"It has now been almost a year since you installed insulation in our home...I think I must declare it an unqualified success."

Bill , Whangarei

( Client )

I would recommend your company to all new customers as we are very delighted with your professional work ethics in all facets of the installation to our home.

Edward, Kaeo

( Client )

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